Monday notes

– So, after spending the weekend thinking about the Xbox One, I think I’m going to end up keeping the system that I ordered (when it arrives… maybe today, more than likely Tuesday.)

The media capabilities for the system have me very interested, especially if it allows me to simplify things for the kids and my wife.  It will remain to be seen if that is the case though.

Having said all that, the only game that really is appealing to me right away is Forza, but even that game has only got me marginally interested (and possibly Dead Rising… but only a bit.)

So, that gets me to the crux of the matter… I’m not really look at much in the way of games… but more of the media side.   That’s really damn strange…

– The Gamer’s Club Unlocked system at Best Buy has been downright evil to me so far this year (specifically the last month.)  If you were a member (of Gamer’s Club Unlocked) in the last 6 months, they send you a coupon to renew the service for $30 for the next two years and with that renewal you get 20% off all new games that you purchase at the store.    With the purchase of 3 games for the PS4 at launch, I had made money back and with the early Black Friday deals, it just keeps getting better for me.

– One of the games that I picked up yesterday was Tearaway for the Vita (ended up being $24, which is terrific since it just came out last week at $40.)

I don’t think I’ve ever played a game that was as charming as this one.  Also, it’s funny how much I’m smiling while playing the game.  It just seems to exude joy.  (Also, it still amuses me to see my face as the sun, via the front facing camera, every time it shows on screen.)

If you have a Vita (or have thought of picking one up,) this is THE game to try out to see all of the things that the system can offer for gameplay.  Everything from touch screen (both front and back,) camera and controls are fully implemented and all work perfectly.  Media Molecule really has outdone themselves with this game.  Highly recommended.

– More tomorrow.

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