Wednesday notes

– Well, my Xbox One showed up last night… and still sits in the box.  I’ve picked up a few games, but none of them will arrive for a few days, so it looks like I’ll be keeping the system.  I am just so damn curious as to how well the TV and media aspect works as that could really simplify things in our living room for the family, plus being able to play some games could be entertaining as well.

– Tearaway continues to be eating up a good majority of my gaming time and according to the game I’m already 40% done.

The creation aspects of the game are terrific, but there are some limitations that I’ve run into with them.  For example, there are times where the game will ask you to create specific objects using the touch screen and it’s difficult to draw some of them with your finger as it hides where the “scissor lines” are on the screen.  If you’re very particular about how some of those things will look, you’ll find yourself creating the items over and over which can be a minor frustration.

If you can put that aside though, the game is absolutely terrific and is a wonderful title to pick up for the Vita.

– If you haven’t seen the 15,000 word longform column that Sports Illustrated has put together about whether or not Tim Tebow will ever play again in the NFL, let me save you some time and sum it up with a 1 word answer.  No.

– Last night I was able to watch the replay of the Crystal Palace/Hull City match from last Saturday and I have to say that I’m really impressed at how the Eagles are playing over their last few games.  They were really struggling in their final few matches under Holloway, but look like they’ve started to put it all together.  Getting a late goal (shortly after losing a man to a questionable red card) and holding off a ferocious attack from Hull really showed some improvements in the character of the team.  If they get a win this weekend over Norwich, they could climb out of the relegation zone, which would be remarkable considering how the season started.  Still, there is a long way to go in the year, but with a new manager hired and a road win under their belts, things are starting to look better for Palace.

– Hope you all enjoyed the interview with Jim Gindin.  It’s always great to get a chance to talk to him and get some insights into the Front Office Football series.  I’ve been playing the game since the first release and am very anxious to see what enhancements have been made to this years release.

– Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving weekend!  I’ll post more over the weekend, as time allows.

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