I rented NBA2K14 from Gamefly. All I can say is “wow.” This game, which I played on the Xbox One is the system seller. The presentation is jaw dropping, the gameplay is great, the graphics are stunning.

If I loved this sport as I do Hockey, Soccer or Football, I would be ranting and raving about it. I am not as big of a basketball fan as I am those other sports, so really NBA2K14 just has me incredibly jealous.

I wonder if 2K does such a great job with this game because it is THE game they work on all year, or if they say had baseball and soccer and football to work with, they’d all be this good. Oh wait, I played their baseball “legacy edition” roster update last year, and that didn’t go so well.

But I still have to say, I wish they did football. But that’s nothing new there….

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  1. wco81 says:

    You won’t get the same level of detail in a football game. More players to render on field at a time, more objects outside the field (sidelines, 3D fans) and a larger stadium.

    Plus, how many of those NFL2K developers are still around?

    Some site did post a rumor that they’re trying to put a football game together because Madden’s NFL license expires next year. But unless the NFL changes its stance on a single exclusive license, EA is not going to be outbid.

    Though you figure NBA2K must be stomping on NBA Live sales.


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