Happy Christmas Everyone!

– If you want to get an idea of what it was like at my house this morning, watch this Skylanders commercial.

The girls went absolutely nuts when they saw what Santa brought them.  It was a pretty entertaining start to the day.

– Also, we did a bit of re-gifting and gave the girls my old DS and 3DS.  What I love is that they don’t even remember that they took the pictures that are in the photo app.  For some reason, they think that I performed some sort of wizardry that got old pictures of them on the applications.

Don’t you just love the naiveté of children?

– Tomorrow could be quite interesting as I’m hitting a few retail stores and know that I’m just going to have the most frustrating lunch period of my entire month, but I need to get $20 back from Gamestop for Gran Turismo 6, as well as return a few PS4 and Xbox One titles.

I held off on opening most of the next gen titles that I bought because I just had to try them out via Gamefly first and have found that most of them are just not worth the full retail cost.  So, with the money I’m saving by not purchasing them, I just bumped up my Gamefly rental subscription to 3 titles at a time, that way I’ll be able to play the new titles that I thought about buying, without worrying about getting buyers remorse.

– More tomorrow.

– Hope you all had a Happy Christmas!

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