Monday notes

– Tomorrow I’ll have up my “Games of the Year” post.  Plenty of great games being played around the ol’ Haag household lately.

– Seeing as how re-gifting my old hand-me-down DS/3DS systems to my daughters started as a Christmas afterthought, as far as gifts go, it’s been amazing to see how much they love those systems.

No idea why I didn’t think of that earlier.  This will make for some very nice quiet times around the house.  (When they aren’t yelling about dying in Super Mario…)

– The servers for the next generation versions of NBA 2K14 have been unavailable for the last 3 or 4 days which has eliminated the ability to play your MyCareer saves if you ever had them sync to the 2K servers.

Isn’t online DRM a wonderful concept?  You have the save on your console, you have the game on a disc in your console, but you can’t play it because you can’t talk to their servers.  Beautiful!   Makes me glad that I’m just renting the game rather than having purchased it.

– Hackers have reverse engineered the WiiU Gamepad to be able to stream games from a PC.  Gotta admit that is a pretty slick bit of work.  Can’t think of a reason Nintendo would try and shut people down from working on it, since it doesn’t cause any sort of piracy or anything like that.  The off-screen gameplay is one of my favorite features of the WiiU, so I’d love to see people keep working on this.

– Lastly, it was great to see Palace play an amazing defensive game against Manchester City on Saturday on short rest even though they lost the game, 0-1.  The way that they have been playing since Pulis arrived seems to indicate a strong chance for avoiding relegation, but there is a long way to go.

Palace has two games this week, one in the Premier League and another in the FA Cup.  Does anyone know if the FA Cup games will be on DirecTV or available online anywhere?

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2 Responses to Monday notes

  1. wco81 says:

    You’re happy for a moral victory of a marginal EPL side but not a word on the Packers with the walk off 4th down TD against their biggest rival?

    Anyways I like Rodgers and wish him well except this coming Sunday.


    • Glen says:

      Well, there is a reason for that. I haven’t watched a single NFL or college football game this year. There are plenty of reasons behind giving it up, but the reason I haven’t commented is because (for the most part) I had no idea what was going on with the season other than what had been told to me at hockey or at work.


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