Glen’s 2013 Games of the Year

Break it down…

Sports Games Nominees

– FIFA 14 Next Gen

– Pro Evolution Soccer 2014

– Football Manager 2014

– NBA 2K14 Next Gen

– WWE 2K14

If you would have asked me this a few weeks ago, I would have given the nod to NBA 2K14.  Since then, the 2K servers have been largely unavailable and render the MyCareer and MyGM portions of the game unplayable for me and that makes the game hard to recommend when key components are unavailable for everyone to play.

Seeing as how that is the case, I’m going to revert back to the game that I have enjoyed, uninterrupted, for the last few months, Football Manager 2014.

Portable Game of the Year

– Fire Emblem: Awakening

– Tearaway

– Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon

Now that Tearaway has dropped down to $20 a few times, you really must give the game a try.  The ability to interact and re-do almost the entire game world was a master stroke by Media Molecule.

Game of the Year

– The Last of Us

– Super Mario 3D World

– Football Manager 2014

– Tearaway

– Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD

As I’m typing this, I’m having a really hard time deciding which game I actually liked most out of the games on this list.  Every one of them is an absolutely terrific game and is well worthy of your time and money, but… when the chips are down, I have to say…

Super Mario 3D World.

Ever since opening the game, every member of my family has asked to play the game (including my wife.)  The four-player gameplay is nearly flawless and the new power ups that they’ve added to the game all add an incredible amount of fun to the platform genre.

I can’t avoid commenting on The Last of Us though (it lost my Game of the Year on a coin-flip.)  Naughty Dog has made an absolute gem of a game and while it does have it’s flaws, it’s an incredible ride throughout the 15 to 20 hour single-player campaign.

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