Wednesday notes

– Funny that one writer talks about how Wisconsin is one of the 8 teams that will win the national championship, and then they lose that evening.

If you watched the game last night, you saw that Wisconsin had a terrible time stopping anyone from driving to the basket, which is pretty strange for a Bo Ryan coached team.

Also, they had a lot of open looks at 3-pointers in the second half that they just didn’t make down the stretch.

Still, they’re a very, very good team that should make a run at a Big Ten title and a deep NCAA tournament run (unless they have to deal with some injuries.)

– The MLB Baseball ’14 news is very interesting to me, but we’re pretty much in the dark about the game.  No idea on who is making the game (which developers) or what the game might entail as far as features are concerned, but it is another baseball game (and the only one for the Xbox One, as Dan mentioned,) so I guess that’s a good thing.

– It was interesting to start playing FIFA on the Xbox One last night, as it seems that everything I had learned about the game on the PS4 had gone out the window.  Also, Ultimate Team is still incredibly confusing to me as all of the players that I’ve acquired via packs don’t seem to be readily available for my team even though I moved them to my squad.

Hopefully we’ll be able to put a league together with a few teams (and that Joe enjoys the game…)

– Finally….

Archer Vice?  Gotta say, I didn’t see that coming.

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