Wednesday notes

– Well, my consult with the neurosurgery department was a positive one.  They are not looking at surgery for my back pain and numbness in my foot at this point, but they need to do further tests to determine why my right foot is numb and is losing strength.  (More tests = YAY!)

– Last night as I was driving home, I stopped to get gas and my car refused to start.  The battery was completely dead.  I called roadside assistance, got a jump, and drove home.  This morning?  Dead again.  Got another jump and drove it to where I had bought the replacement battery a few months ago.  Dead again.

From there, I took it to a dealership and I was informed it could be at least 2 days before they can even look at it.  Lovely.  Oh, and it’s out of warranty, so any electrical issues (unless it’s related to the hybrid system) will end up being an out of pocket expense.

The good news just keeps piling up around here.

– What do you know?  A new golf game.

The course creator looks pretty powerful, but in at least one of the videos I saw some odd course physics where a ball bounced up when it hit off of a side hill.  (The game is currently under development, so those things can happen.)

I’m efforting an interview with the developers to see if we can talk about the process for making the game across the PS4/Xbox One/PC.  I’ll keep you appraised as I have more information.

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