Bob Uecker

– Sad to say, but it had to happen eventually, Bob Uecker isn’t going to be the radio play-by-play voice for the Brewers for all 162 games going forward.  True, he is only going to be skipping some road series, but at this point, he has earned that flexibility in his schedule.

Ueck is one of the reasons that most Brewers fans stuck with the team throughout a lot of the horrible years that the franchise between ’82 and ’08, and some of his calls will stick with me for the rest of my life.

Braun’s home run call when the Brewers made the post season for the first time in 26 years.

Braun’s home run call when the Brewers won the division for the first time since ’82.

Brewers win game 5 against Arizona in 2011 to move to the NLCS.

For those of you that haven’t ever had a chance to listen to Ueck call a game, it’s a true experience.  The man clearly knows and loves baseball, but it’s the times when he isn’t talking about baseball that really make it such a wonderful experience.

SI’s Luke Winn wrote about some of Uecker’s unique play-by-play style in an article that he wrote in 2010 when Bob was recovering from heart surgery at the age of 75.

Those stories are just the tip of the iceburg, wait until you hear Ueck talk about furries for 14 minutes.  How he transitions from a home-run call to discussing the convention is just hilarious.

Again, if you haven’t heard him, you wouldn’t know the fact that Bob Uecker is an amazing entertainer who just happens to call baseball games as well.

So, thanks for all of the great years Ueck, you’ve earned a few days off.

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