Friday notes

– The January transfer window has closed and it looks like Palace has added 5 players to their squad (as well as signing Puncheon to a long term deal and sending a few other players out on loan for the remainder of the year.)

What does all this mean?  Not a clue.  I’m still learning what the players on the squad did well but it appears that each of the players that they brought in should be a significant improvement and should help Palace avoid relegation (hopefully.)

I do have to admit that it’s a good deal of fun learning a sport from scratch at an older age.  I have no idea how I would have made any sense of this as a kid, as it’s confusing as all get out as an adult.

Thankfully, I have Football Manager to help me with some of the educational process.

– Looks like the guys behind Out of the Park Baseball are making a football game.  The game will release in 2015 though, so we’ll have a bit of time before we see much about it.

Gotta admit, it’s getting to be like the old days… Football Mogul, Front Office Football, and now Beyond the Sideline Football.

Before you know it EA might make sports games on the PC again… um, nah…

– Lastly, I grabbed the Wii U version of A Link to the Past last night (Only a $1.50 since I had purchased the Wii version before.)  As it has been said many times before, Nintendo really needs to get around to releasing a good deal more of their classic titles to their consoles (but we’ve been saying that since the Wii virtual console first came online.)  I have a much longer post about all things Nintendo coming up next week, but I am happy for getting my hands on  ALttP as it is just such a terrific game.

Thankfully my extended battery for the WiiU gamepad finally arrived today (after a Train Delay… seriously?  Does UPS use trains now?) so I should be able to get a good deal more play time out of the Gamepad before having to throw it back on the charging stand.

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