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Blog Policy

In the wake of the “scandal” where Microsoft and EA have been paying users that post videos to Youtube where they highlight and only speak positively about their products, I think it’s a good time to detail our policy in … Continue reading

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Thursday notes

– Well, according to my dealer, some cable had come lose and that’s what was causing my battery issues.  Not sure that I believe that, since the problem was happening before I had replaced my battery a few months ago… … Continue reading

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Wednesday notes

– Well, my consult with the neurosurgery department was a positive one.  They are not looking at surgery for my back pain and numbness in my foot at this point, but they need to do further tests to determine why … Continue reading

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Tuesday notes

– Congratulations to Bill Harris for the release of Gridiron Solitaire on Steam today. Do yourself a favor and pick it up.  It took me a bit of time to get used to the gameplay and find my groove with … Continue reading

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Friday notes

– So, Nintendo appears to be in a quite a bit of trouble. As a long time fan of Nintendo’s stable of franchises, I’m hoping that they find a way to pull out of this, but it doesn’t look very … Continue reading

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Changes – Part 1

On August 24th, I attended a fantasy football draft for a league that I have been a part of since it began 7 years  ago.  Every year, the draft goes like this, a group of us arrive with a large … Continue reading

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Thursday notes

– Based on my appointment today, I don’t need a hip replacement but will more than likely be looking at hip surgery for bone spurs and possible labrum repair (MRI scheduled for next week to determine the extent of what … Continue reading

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