Tuesday notes

– Sorry for the delay in posting.  Lots of things going on, that will be covered soon enough.

– It was disappointing to see the US hockey team come up short (for both the women and the men) but the Olympics certainly did not fail to provide a great product as far as the hockey was concerned, except for those of us who are Islanders fans and have to deal with the remainder of the season without Tavares on the ice.

Still, I would love to see Hockey move from the Winter Olympics to the Summer Olympics just so that the schedules would work.  The 3 week disruption from NHL just isn’t much fun for hockey fans (or some of the players for that matter.)

– Not that I will be using it beyond the 1 week trial, but the WWE Network is a pretty brilliant design for a web based product.  For $9.99 a month, you get access to all of the WWE archive plus getting all of their PPV events that happen while you are a member.

As for me, I watched parts of Wrestlemania 3 and 29 last night and pretty much got my fill of all of wrestling action that I would see myself needing for the near future.

That sounded better in my head than it did when I wrote it.

– In the world of gaming, it seems like Beta time of year as I’m playing the Final Fantasy XIV beta on the PS4 and will be starting to mess around with the Elder Scrolls Online beta at the end of the week.

Why all the RPG’s?  Got me, just seems like the opportunity to mess around with them all hit me at the same time.

I do have the Golf Club beta coming up soon as well and can’t wait to dig into that game and its course creator when I have a chance.

– Lastly, I was able to purchase tickets for opening day for the Brewers earlier today and will be attending the game with 7 other people.  Should be an interesting day for a sober guy in Wisconsin…

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