Monday Thoughts

Good Monday morning everyone!

Everyone ready for Titanfall? My son got the XB1 version while I got the PC version. I have already preloaded the 50GB game. That is 14% of the monthly soft cap I have.

Did I mention how stupid caps are for cable internet? I mean it’s not like it’s a valuable resource. If you download 10GB and I download 500GB, it’s not like there’s a warehouse of GB sitting there and I took more than you. Grr.

In other news, unlike Glen I have been playing Stick of Truth for the PC. I love it. It is hysterical. Basically if you like South Park, you need that game.

Finally today, Amazon is having a huge Logitech sale. I have a Microsoft Sidewinder keyboard and mouse that I’ve liked — I had a Monoprice mechanical keyboard that was awesome but died on me after 3 years, so I’m back to using the sidewinder. It’s nice but doesn’t angle the keyboard, so I am going to try the Logitech one.




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