Monday Thoughts

Could this winter *be* any longer?

Who signed up for WWE Network? I am such a sucker. I don’t know why I keep watching but I do.

Speaking of WWE, WWE2K14 for the 360 is one of the best wrestling games I have played in a long time.

Should I return my Fitbit Force? Even though it’s not sold anymore and I haven’t had any allergies, it’s tough to turn down $140 for a device that tracks you when that is also available on my iphone.

Does Microsoft and Sony know many people have bandwidth caps? 50GB for Titanfall…2GB for a Zoo Tycoon Xbox One patch. I mean WTF. So much bloatware!

I have to say, Sony was pretty creative bundling their baseball game with 2K’s NBA game for the PS3. They should do it for the PS4 as well — but the way things are going I wonder if the PS4 game will be out before the end of the NBA season. It’s probably to be expected that there’s a delay…but the more it’s delayed the more worried I get that it won’t be a great game…


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