Sunday Sporting Thoughts

If you never appreciated soccer, today’s Liverpool/Manchester City game was just an amazing display. Wow. I’m exhausted from that.

And of course Chelsea wins. Dammit.

And for those who have no idea what I am talking about, we’ll move on to US Sports/Sports Entertainment.

I enjoyed watching WrestleMania 30 on the WWE Network. It was fun to watch. What wasn’t fun was realizing didn’t “stop” the feed and it doesn’t time out, meaning I just blew 1/3 of my data for the month on my Roku. Oh well.

So what does everyone think of RBI Baseball. It’s better than I expected but a tough call for $20. If it were $10, I think it would be good value. But for $20, you’re asking a b-tier price for a C level game. Yes, graphics are nice but on the PS3 the load times suck. In addition, the game still has the same issues it did 20 years ago – choppy field of play as it moves, graphics are fair, no player stats, and so forth.

The iOS version is $4.99, which isn’t bad — but I will continue to say that playing games like this on the iPad are very difficult.


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