So, after months of pain and issues, I will be having surgery on my right hip next Monday.

Although no one seems to be able to determine what exactly caused the issues that I have been dealing with for the past 5 or 6 months, the conclusion is that the head of the right femur is causing an impingement, along with cartilage damage inside of the hip socket.  On Monday, I’ll be going in to have the cartilage damage repaired and then a resurfacing done on  my right femur in an attempt to remove the impingement issues.

While it is disappointing that I have to go the surgical route for resolving the issues, I’m ready at this point to start the process of being able to move, run, and play sports without pain again.  Running has become a near impossibility for me over the last few months as I deal with pain for 3 to 4 days after a run of any distance.  Hockey has been uncomfortable at best and painful at worst since the time of the injury as well.

From what the doctor thinks, a person, such as myself, who started running longer distances at a later age in life (hard to believe that 35 -39 is a later age, but I digress) is more at risk for issues such as these.  When combined with being a goalie when playing hockey, he thought that I’m probably putting more stress on my hip than your average person would.

So, to sum up, I’m basically getting old.

One of the best things about the upcoming surgery has to be the reactions that I hear from people when I tell them that I’m having hip surgery at 39.  Almost without fail the first words that are uttered are, “But you’re too young for hip surgery.”  I guess that’s true, but I think that I’m beating up my body, through the activities that I have chosen, a bit more than most people in my age bracket.

The rehab for the surgery is going to be rather unfortunate, as they are telling me that it will be 4 to 6 months before I can get back to playing hockey or running again.  Most of the activities that I will be focusing on over the next few months will be related to biking or swimming, as they are activities without a great impact on my hip.  This seems like a good trade for me, as I’ve been looking to get better at swimming for the last few years and this should give me a good chance to spend a considerable amount of my summer working on just that.

The silver lining that I take from this surgery (and my shoulder repair from a few years back) is that I hope to have quite a few good years of activity ahead of me.

Giving up hockey and running for half of a year is terrible, but my hope is that when I get back to them, the things that I have worked on for the rest of the year will keep me in good enough shape so that I won’t be a total turd when I start them again.  (Pretty sure that I’ll be a turd, just not a total one and that’s enough for me.)

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