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Thursday notes (gaming stuff)

– Last evening I finished up Wolfenstein: The New Order for the PS4 and I have to say that while the gameplay was that of a pretty standard first person shooter (with some pretty fun weapons,) the story really surprised … Continue reading

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The race to 100

So, Dan doesn’t know about this, but I think that he and I need a Twitter followers race.  He’s got 77 and I’ve got 75. I have no idea why anyone really follows either of us, but people have decided … Continue reading

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Football Manager 2014 – $12.50 on Steam (and Amazon)

Ok, I get that not everyone has gotten into soccer as much as I have over the last year, but even if you haven’t fallen in love with the game, you can certainly owe it to yourself (or maybe you don’t) … Continue reading

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Tuesday movie notes

Movie time! Last Friday afternoon I was able to get out of work a bit early (mostly because I had worked 24 of the last 30 hours, but I digress) and decided to catch an afternoon showing of X-Men: Days … Continue reading

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Super Metroid Wii U – Who needs it?

Stupid me, I redeemed 200 points from Club Nintendo for Wii U Super Metroid. I already have it, so my stupidity is your gain. Who wants the code? You MUST have a Wii U to play.

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Steam In-Home Streaming Live For All

I’ve been in the beta test for the last 3 months and can vouch for how awesome it is to be able to have a good PC and then be able to stream games to a less capable system in … Continue reading

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Tuesday notes

– Somebody is taking a road trip to Columbus!  My daughters just about lost it this morning when I told them we would be going to see Crystal Palace play.  My wife won’t be able to attend, so it’ll be … Continue reading

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