Wednesday notes

– So, if you’re a Playstation Plus subscriber (and really, if you have a Vita and a PS3, it’s almost silly not to) you get access to PES 2014 as one of the free games for May.  If you haven’t looked at the game yet, I highly advise that you download it and then try out Paul’s option files for the game.

Again, I just enjoy playing PES more than FIFA at this point (even though I own both.)  I haven’t messed around with online matches though, so if anyone wants to give it a try, send me an email or post a comment and we can give it a go.

– Also on the Playstation Store is the new release of Football Manager Classic for the Vita.  I love the cloud save capabilities of the Vita version so that you can play your franchise on the PC version, then take your Vita on the road with you and continue that same game.

We can only hope that other games follow this model in the future.

– My guess is that we might get a post from Dan today once we have a result from Manchester City and Aston Villa’s match.  A Man City draw barely keeps Liverpool alive.  A loss by Manchester City would change things dramatically.

– Anyone playing Hearthstone?  People keep telling me that it’s worth looking at (considering the fact that it’s free.)  Just curious.

– More as the week goes along.


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