Microsoft Update

Remember that Titanfall controller I was complaining about a few months back? Well today is the 3 month anniversary of Microsoft receiving my defective Xbox One Titanfall controller and I still have yet to receive a replacement.

Unreal. They keep telling me it’s not available for shipment yet it’s available for purchase at the official Microsoft store.

I will say, I am becoming more enamored with those purchase protection plans sold at Walmart and Best Buy for controllers. My son’s camo 360 controller’s left thumbstick was stuck in the “up” position. So I went to the Walmart protection plan site, filed a claim, got a free return shipping label (I had to pay for shipping for Microsoft), and when UPS scanned the barcode, I was emailed a gift card for Walmart to purchase a replacement.

That’s pretty good service. I’m still not a fan of extended warranties for games (I’ll have traded it in long before the warranty expires), but for certain things it does make sense to me.


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