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Changes (part 3)

It’s not death that I fear, it’s everything that happens before it that scares the hell out of me.   For a large portion of my life, I think it is safe to say that I have been a fairly healthy individual. … Continue reading

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Quick E3 notes (sports related)

– Madden has a tackling “cone” this year.  Remember how well that worked the last time there was a “cone” used in a Madden game? – EA focused on emotion in their description of FIFA 15, which is fine, but … Continue reading

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Monday notes

– Looks as though Dan is going to win the race to 100 followers.  I’m just not that popular it appears.  (Anyone who sat in my high school lunch room could have attested to that fact.) – As we get … Continue reading

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Thursday Thoughts

Paypal is now accepted on the PS4 store, however if you buy a lot of digital games, you should absolutely get the PlayStation Visa. It is a Capital One card but gives you 10x (ten) points for PSN purchases. That … Continue reading

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UFC Demo is out

EA has released the UFC Demo for Xbox One and PS4. Dark Souls 2 for PS3 is currently on sale as a digital download. I can’t believe Glen watched two loser teams – Chicago and LA, play overtime Game 7 … Continue reading

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Monday notes

– It would be difficult to find a game to recommend more highly than Mario Kart 8 right now.  The family and I spent a good bit of time with it over the weekend and (other than my wife) none … Continue reading

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