Tablet Fun Time


I am typing this on a Surface Pro 3. It’s a really nice system. I love the tablet ability and the laptop ability. It’s just what Microsoft says – it is a tablet/laptop replacement. I only wish it had LTE built into it. The type keyboard works well and so does the touchscreen. And it runs everything Windows, naturally. Now I don’t expect to run high end games on an i5 — but that wasn’t why I bought it. I bought it to be productive of course.

So, in other non-gaming news, I do enjoy WWE Network and I’m looking forward to WWE 2K15. That should be fun. Of course this weekend is the next pay per view, which is part of the WWE network. If you like WWE, the network is the best thing going. I *never* watched or bought pay-per-views before the network but now I am looking forward to them each month.

Using the fun of HuluPlus, I am catching up with 24: Live Another Day. Don’t tell me what happens as I’m only up to episode 5. :).

The next sports game is Madden which comes out next month. Who is ready for fun and excitement?

Is anyone going through NCAA Football withdrawal? This would have been the time for it if it were coming out.


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