Monday Thoughts

Kudos to Steve “Steve_OS” from Operation Sports for getting the coup that those that have early access to Madden 15 on Xbox One will have it — for six hours. Granted, I am unsure if I’d play it for six hours, but still in the words of Jimmy Fallon,. “eww.” I liked the Season Ticket model. This isn’t it.


In other news, check out the podcast about Madden if you haven’t already.

Anyone watch WWE Summerslam? That Bella turn was a surprise for me, but it makes sense. The Lesnar-Cena match was as boring as you thought it would be. Matches of the night was Stephanie vs Brie and Paige vs AJ. Although the RKO given to Reigns was pretty decent.

Anyone try the WWE card game for iOS, it’s pretty addictive…


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