Greetings from Georgia

Well, I have made my way down to Georgia after a 13 hour drive on Saturday and have started the process of living in the South.  I loaded up the Prius with almost every bit of clothing that I own, along with 3 TV’s (2 are small spares,)  my PC and monitor, and just about every gaming system that I’ve ever owned (I am a gamer after all) and began bachelor life.

The family won’t be joining me for a few months, but with some luck (all based on getting our house sold,) they will be down here sooner.  To this point, that has to be the greatest challenge of being down here.  When I am at home with my family, there are always times where you can find some quiet time by yourself, but now that I’m here by myself, I find that I want none of that and just want to hear my girls call out “Daddy” or come and give me a hug.  I know that I’ll be seeing them again soon, but each night has been a challenge to this point.

At this point, I’m living out of a hotel room, but am trying to find an apartment (or a house if that can happen quickly enough,) so I can start putting together a place for the family to join me.

I have absolutely no regrets about making this change, but I know that it will probably be the greatest test that I’ve ever had to withstand as far as my family is concerned.  With luck, they will all be here soon and life will get back to normal.  Until that time, I’ll do my best to keep upbeat and write as much as I can.



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