Sunday Thoughts

Hey remember that time Glen ragged on me non stop for my love of soccer?

In other news, can someone tell me what the #LOB means on the front start screen on Madden?

I purchased the PS4 version of the game and rented the Xbox One version just to see if I could find a “better” version. The answer is no. Both take forever to load, and look the same in my opinion.

You cannot carry over your Ultimate Team from PS4 to Xbox One, which kinda sucks.

I can’t believe how bad it sounds like NHL 15 will be this week. Thankfully with Destiny coming out, no one will care anyway.

Debating on getting the PC version of FIFA 15 instead since I prefer PC gaming. Only issue is that Best Buy only is selling the digital version of the PC game and that doesn’t give you the 20% gamer discount…so maybe I’ll just go with the console version.
Also debating Diablo for Xbox One, even though I have the PC version. Any difference, or am I just buying the same thing?

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