EA released a FIFA 15 demo for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.  (Edit: PS4 version is now available.)

Anyway, I picked up the PC version as that was the one I was most curious about. Thankfully the demo is Liverpool vs Man City and OMG!

  • It is broadcast quality
  • The graphics, the score, it’s all Barclay’s fonts! Awesome!
  • Anfield looks like Anfield and it’s team specific – the ad boards are all about LFC.TV for example. They sing YNWA! Holy crap!
  • Gameplay is pretty good.
  • It does not dump a turd on my limited hard drive. My PC has 4TB and supports a ton of graphics options. Suck it Xbox One!


So anyway, if only Best Buy gave it a 20% discount for digital downloads…otherwise I have to buy during an EA Origin sale, which will probably happen within 30 days after release.



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