NHL 15 PS4

I picked up NHL 15 for the PS4 today. My HD was full so I had to go in and delete crap. Wow this next gen console gaming is AWESOME.

Anyway, after the four hour install (I kid), I got to play. First off the NBCSN integration is broadcast like. It is superb.

Gameplay…not bad. I did lose 5-3 (LA Kings vs NYR)…so obviously that’s not accurate. But I hadn’t played on PRO level for a long time and it’s almost like I’m relearning the game. I did have one awesome goal that I forgot to record, but it was awesome. Fights are..fights.

There’s been a lot of talk about what’s NOT in the game. I do understand the concerns. However, I am also pretty much a season, Ultimate Team guy so, I’m not as bothered as many others are. I really wish EA would give an “auto select” on Ultimate Team in NHL as they do on Madden. If that option is somewhere, please guide me.

I hate to go IGN on you, but if you like hockey….you’ll like this. Well at least based on my focus group of 45 minutes of playing it.




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