Everyday is Like Sunday

Some times I do wish that winter would get here as it gives me excuses to play video games all weekend. Instead I Have yard work to do and 3 million other things to catch up on before Monday comes around.

I did get a few games of FIFA PC in. I have also purchased the Xbox One version but I have not played it yet. I like playing on a PC, what can I say….really having a good time so far in Ultimate Team but that’s probably because I preordered and have Messi for 5 games on loan. Man, he’s good.

Speaking of good, how about those Orioles? Playoffs. So cool. 2 out of three years. I remember when we’d settle for one game. Now O’s fans want more. Good times.

Ugh. Everton. Liverpool should have won. Grr.

You know soccer has arrived when Glen is giving you crap about his team on the EPL table. Of course, Glen seems to forget this is September and Palace, uh drew with Burnley. But hey, I mean enjoy being up one measly point after six games all you can.

Forza this week. I have to get that PES demo. I forgot all about it. I mean to be fair “Merseyside Red” is such a lame team name….


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