Tuesday notes

– Long time, no see.

– A week and a half ago, I closed on our new home in the Atlanta suburbs and have been doing a bit of work on it since then.  Nothing really major needed to be repaired, but it’s been little things like replacing a shower head, fixing a light switch that had a lose connection, removing bidets that were installed on every toilet (seriously, bidets) and getting the place cleaned.  The people really didn’t treat the place with any sort of respect for a property that they owned.  It was as if they thought it was a rental and just used it up until they sold it.

Once we’re done with it, it will look great though, so that’s a good thing.

– The Brewers season went out with a massive whimper as they completely stopped hitting down the stretch.  The pitching held up their end, but they were constantly getting beat 3-2 or 2-1.  Personally, I blame myself for moving away.   At least now I don’t have to feel bad about missing any potential playoff games.

– Excited that the NHL season starts up next week and I will be signing up for NHL Gamecenter again to make sure that I can catch all of the Islanders games.  It’s a bummer that there isn’t an NHL franchise down here in Atlanta any more, but from what I’ve heard from people here, no one ever really cared about the team.

Still, I have options to get to visiting Islanders games if I want to make a drive to get to Carolina, Florida, or Tampa Bay.  (Not that any of those are short drives.)

– Lastly, it is incredible to look at the Premier League table at ANY time of the year and see Crystal Palace ahead of Liverpool.  Dan can give me grief for mentioning it, but it has been great to watch the Eagles play as well as they have over the last few weeks.  From what I have found, the last time that the team was this high in the table was at the end of the season in 1992.  So, there is a bit of a cause for enthusiasm there.

– I’ll be back with a few posts in the next day or so talking about FIFA 15, the PES 15 demo, Destiny, and Edge of Tomorrow.

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8 Responses to Tuesday notes

  1. SilverRubicon says:

    People did care about the Thrashers. What they did not care for is the Atlanta Spirit Group who ran the organization into the ground. Also, we are now a home market for the Nasville Predators and the Carolina Hurricanes so expect blackouts on Center Ice. I love how Fox Sports has screwed us on hockey. Televise half the games from two markets and blackout the rest. Brilliant.


    • gwhinwi says:

      Thanks for the reply. That’s the first I had heard of support for the team down here. Most people that I have spoken to seem to have indicated that there was no support. Oh, well. I’ll find a place to play hockey soon enough and then I’ll have some smart hockey fans to talk to in the area. Hopefully I don’t run into too many issues with blackouts for those two teams. That would suck if I missed a bunch of Islanders games due to that.


      • SilverRubicon says:

        You’re near the 85 corridor, right? You should be able to play where the Thrashers practiced. The Ice Forum up in Duluth. Which is also close to the Gwinnett Gadiators. Gladiator games are fun. Family friendly, minor league circus atmosphere. Can’t say that the team has been all that great, but if you need a fix that’s about it for now.

        The broadcasting / blackout thing is a sore subject for me. As a Thrasher season ticket holder, I wanted to throw my interest Nashville’s way but I can’t watch the games. Either they’re blacked out or shuffled between one of two channels and the tv guide is never updated so it’s hit or miss. It really bothers me that I lost a local team and am now punished by not being able to follow the two closest markets. Why doesn’t fox make up their mind and choose one franchise or neither? I’ve read that the ratings are almost nonexistent for both teams. Frustrating.


      • gwhinwi says:

        I am very close to the Ice Forum in Duluth. No more than 10 minutes from my office. My daughters have been excited about the prospect of being able to continue to watch hockey, so I’m pretty sure they’re going to throw their support to the Gladiators.

        That really doesn’t make a ton of sense that they would handle the market that way for TV.

        This picture shows what you are talking about. http://s1124.photobucket.com/user/andidee15/media/NHLTVMarkets_zps27077b66.jpg.html?t=1380495787

        What a cluster. If they mess with my Isles coverage, I’ll be a very unhappy boy.


      • gwhinwi says:

        This makes even less sense. http://hurricanes.nhl.com/club/page.htm?id=45142

        47 of the 81 Hurricanes games go to Atlanta. I assume that the other 34 are Predators games. Very bizarre.


      • SilverRubicon says:

        That’s why I have not watched hockey for a couple of years. It’s been all or nothing for me. If I had the opportunity I’d be all in with the Predators but I’ll have to make do with my window decal and pretend that I care. I’ve replaced the NHL with the EPL as I can watch almost all of the Arsenal games. That and the Atlanta Hawks. Though I’ve yet to step foot in Phillips arena since the loss of the Thrashers.


      • gwhinwi says:

        The EPL doesn’t gives us something to do almost every night though. I could never give up on the NHL. The Islanders have stunk for so damn long, but I’ll keep sticking with them. Although, it will be hard to call them the Brooklyn Islanders. Grr.


      • SilverRubicon says:

        On the bright side, you won’t have to deal with the obstructed view seats in the new arena! How does that happen in a new building in 2014? What is the world coming to.

        I didn’t know the team name was changing. Maybe that only makes sense. Still grappling with the Arizona Coyotes.


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