Oh well..

As an Orioles fan, you kinda sorta got the feeling you were at a US-Mexico game at Foxboro in 1997 with 67,000 Mexican fans and 2,500 US fans. Everyone was pulling for the Royals, and with good reason. They have shown that “good guys” in this game can win.

How can you not like that group of guys? Very classy, well respected and made all the plays. It doesn’t mean having your team lose 4-0 won’t suck any less, but it sure beats losing a game to a kid who stole a ball for a home run and Yankees.

It’s too bad they couldn’t get to Game 5, because Chris Davis has to sit out opening day also.

Oh well, it was a great series, very tight games and really could have gone either way. I hope for the best for KC as either NL team can die as far as I’m concerned ;).



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