Ralph Baer, RIP

On top of a Revs loss (LA Grrr, Extra Time grr…Revs are first to five in MLS Cup losses GRRR), the other sad news I heard today was the death of Ralph Baer. He was the inventor of the world first video game console and lived close by — less than an hour away.

The last time I spoke with him was back in July of this year and he shared with me some behind the scenes detail of a console I owned, the Odyssey 400 system. It was really great stuff – for example Magnavox had TI (Texas Instruments) make the chips for them.

You wouldn’t know from an email he was in his early 90s, He always had told me to come by and see some of his protoypes. Never had the time unfortunately. Thanks for the memories and the video games, Ralph!

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