Super Mega!

Happy New Year everyone!

The game that is taking up most of my time continues to be Super Mega Baseball. It’s only out on PS3 and PS4 but it is truly one of the most fun sports experiences I’ve had in a long time.

it is missing a true online multiplayer component but you can compare scores on the leaderboard. I know you are thinking who cares if I hit 3 runs..but this is different.

You see every play has the opportunity for you to earn points (outside of the actual score of the game). Striking out your opponent gets you 100 for example. This is then multiplied by a factor of your “ego” – the higher the ego, the more difficult the game is – and the higher the multiplier. An ego of 60 multiplies the score by 8 while an ego of 20 multiplies it by 4 (and the game is harder at an ego of 60). So while your goal is to still win the game traditionally, you can compete with your friends and yourself by aiming for a high score – earn it by having scoreless innings, keeping walks down and so forth.

If you like baseball, it’s worth playing. There’s a league option and you can also hire coaches for performance bonuses (ie +3 to power batting etc).

it has action and strategy. It does not have real players but who cares. Give it a shot.





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