Sunday Thoughts

We’ve been having some slight server issues so that explains the lack of posts :).

So, gaming.

I’m interested in the new 3DSXL, but man could they make it more difficult. Gamestop offers $100 trade in when you bring your old 3DS but first you have to transfer all that data over…also not having an AC Adapter is rather cheap in my mind, especially since when you trade in the console, you have to have an AC Adapter. On the bright side, I won’t need that special Circle pad pro case any more. Yay.

Maybe the AC adapter will be a featured Club Nintendo item. Speaking of Club Nintendo, I got a couple more of those card cases which is one of the best items you can get with all my points.

After Burner 2 3D is worth picking up btw.

In PC gaming news, the game I’ve been playing a lot of is Road Redemption. The game reminds me a lot of the old EA Road Rash series. It’s in Early Access right now and is only $20, you’re on a motorcycle and it’s beat the crap out of the other guys (and police)…so it is very reminiscent. Give it a shot.

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