Tap Sports Baseball 15 Released for iOS

Loyal blog reader Mike Saperstein let us know that his game, Tap Sports Baseball, has been released for the ’15 season. Lots of new stuff in it that warrant a whole new game rather than an update (it is a bit of a bummer that you have to start over but previous players do get some rewards).


Improvements include:

– Visual Improvements
   o Improved Outer Shell
   o Improved Field and stadium elements
   o Improved Player Graphics
   o Improved Icons

– Mode Improvements
   o Improved Leagues and Tournaments
   o Competitive Events
   o Revised Game Progression (including 11 total divisions)
   o Improved “Fan Rewards” Events
   o Additional Achievements

– Gameplay Improvements
   o Easier game difficulty, particularly for beginning players
   o Franchise Players (a late addition to last year’s game)
   o Prime Players (special players rated for when they were in their prime)
   o General tuning of gameplay and difficulty
   o Additional Baseball elements

– Miscellaneous Improvements
   o Improved sounds and music
   o Improved rewards (Tournaments, Leagues, Events)



So check it out!

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