Thursday Thoughts

I continue to have trouble posting to the site, grr!

I am enjoying MLB 15 the Show but I am not enjoying the Orioles season so far!

My logitech G710+ keyboard’s tab key broke, basically rendering it useless. I beat up my keyboards apparently and can never seem to get a lot of life out of them.

Between that not working and Mortal Kombat X crashing to the desktop I had to make a decision – and that decision will be get a new graphics card, keyboard and mouse! Even though my computer is now 4 years old it is still an awesome desktop PC. I bought it from Digital Storm online and bought the best I could 4 years ago — and it’s just as good as PC’s today ..yes I’ve upgraded the graphics card 2 times..but now it’s time to move from a 750TI to a 960..woohoo.

The 960 seems to work well with Mortal Kombat X (yay!) and I do keep trying to play games on PC vs consoles because they last longer.

I am sure there’s a keyboard warranty, but do I want to spend weeks/months getting it fixed or instead try that Razer Chroma keyboard that individually lights every key? Yes, I will try the Razer!

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