Sunday Thoughts

Lots going on, and it seems like we may have finally gotten the site issues behind us.


1. Baltimore playing home games in Tampa. Ugh. I’m not getting into the rest of it, but what a surreal week for Orioles fans. Of course that is nothing compared to what people in Baltimore City are going through.

2. The fight. Yawn. People paid $100 for that? I would rather have paid $60 for Wrestlemania.

3. Did you get all your Club Nintendo freebies in before they shut it down? Phew that was close for me.

4. RBI Baseball still sucks on the PC as well.

5. MLB The Show is very good in my opinion.

6. Tap Sports Baseball ’15 is addictive.

7. Congrats to Chelsea, I guess.

8. NFL Draft. Whatever. Let’s see how they play in the fall. Funny how they are already in Madden Ultimate Team. I’m sure you can cut them just as easy in real life; don’t you think they should have some sort of off the field randomizer so you can’t use the player card for a few games? You know, beat up your wife, get 2 games, smoke pot, get 8 games, etc.



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