Deflategate and baseball

Well that was definitive.

No matter which side you’re on, this report has something for you. The NFL will dole out punishment to Tom Brady but if this were a court case I doubt that this would meet any sort of level that would require a guilty verdict.

I really don’t know what to think, and I really don’t care. Did Tom want the balls deflated under the minimum requirement? Maybe.

I think I’m done with the NFL, there’s just too much weird stuff going on. I’d rather watch baseball, soccer and the NHL. They aren’t perfect either (hello poor refereeing) but I just feel like I have to take less of a shower.

The old haunt, Operation Sports, announced a release of mods for MVP Baseball 2005 PC. I never bought this game – my last PC version was 2003 – but I am kicking myself now. The work the PC community has done on this is amazing..I mean there aren’t many games that are over 10 years old that would still work today. (For example, my CD Rom of Old Time Baseball died with Win98…dammit).

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