PGA Tour Golf

Every time for the past month I’ve tried to post, the damn site has been down. So I’m catching up:


Wow, EA has changed the Tiger Woods game pretty much from the ground up on the next gen platform. And my goodness, it is a dog.

From the opening intro were you hear Rory saying things like the importance of early putting to the point where he is still talking; it doesn’t take much time to be bored with this game. The graphics are unbecoming of a next gen platform.

I just do not like this game at all. Yes, it’s early, and I’m not giving a full review here…but if the game isn’t going to pull you in early, why give it a shot?

The best part of this game are the “baba booey” screams after you drive one.

Stick with The Golf Club, which I am enjoying much more.

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