Sports games

It’s that time of year for some football.

I purchased Madden 16 for the PS4 and for some reason Xbox One (whoops, I think that one is going back sealed). I bought the deluxe edition because I do enjoy Ultimate team.

So far I am enjoying it. The first thing I noticed was the attention to detail at Gillette Stadium – the 3rd down foghorn; the musket fire after a TD/FG, the “first down” cheer. So far, so good.

The game itself — not seeing drastic differences in straight up gameplay by the AI — however the user control is somewhat different – for example when passing you can try for an “aggressive” reception to make those hard catches — and I like that.

There’s a lot more isloation on plays to make it feel more like a first person game even though it really is in the third person, if that makes sense. Think of the WWE when someone punches a guy over and over again and the camera zooms in and out. It’s annoying but it says “hey something is happening here.” Right now I’m at take it or leave it.

This year there’s MUT rewards, so if you get a crap load of packs, well you get more packs! LOL.

In other news, I had a chance to try the PES 2016 demo. It is impressive, even if I hate the team selection. I did Bayern Munich vs AS Roma and they did a great job with the details. I am looking forward to playing as Merseyside Red once this game gets released!



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