Ok, so I have deluxe edition of Madden for PS4 and doing all the things you need to do for Ultimate Team bonus packs; of course one of those things is to play a game online.

Although I have PS Plus and Xbox Live, I mainly use it for all the perks. The thing I hate the most is playing online.

I get into a game, of course the asshat goes for it on 4th and 12 from his own 33, fails to convert and 5 plays later it’s 7-0 me. Which means my opponent disconnects.

I mean hey it counted as a win for me, but even if I’m getting my ass kicked, I play the game out. Sometimes I try different things to see what could work for the future.

I have never had a fun online experience with random people – only when I play with people I know is it fun, engaging and rewarding. If only I had more friends…

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