No real excuses

I have a laundry list of things going on in my life, but there really isn’t a great excuse for not posting on here more often.  I’m going to try and rectify that as time goes on, mostly because I miss it.  I miss the opportunity to use my brain and write.  I miss talking with those of you that might actually still be following the site, and I miss getting a chance to razz Dan whenever I can.

Having said that, I have PES 2016 (Absolutely love it) and NHL 16 (which is pretty decent) both in house at this point and hope to write up something about them in the coming days.

The main game that I’ve been playing lately is Destiny: The Taken King though.  More often than not, I’m just playing solo and having a good time working through the various missions.  The story doesn’t really intrigue me all that  much, but I still have fun running around and shooting random robots and alien creatures.  I remember playing the first game for about 10 hours when it came out last year, but I’ve easily sunk that much time into the year 1 update and DLC and have been enjoying it a great deal more.

Beyond that, I’m enjoying watching Crystal Palace actually start the season at the upper end of the table and have been working on building an Atlanta Eagles supporters group, which is something I’ve never tried to attempt before.  Just trying something new to try and make a few more friends in the area.

Back again soon.

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