Just got back from a convention at Mohegan Sun. For those that think the casinos are the end all to states budget woes, um, no. The place was completely dead. I saw one $5 roulette table with more people than the table could handle. Why not open a second table? Ugh. No, it’s better to make it look like the place is empty except at this one table.

And don’t get me started on the cigarette smoke. Every sort of stereotype is there. The older woman with an oxygen tank at the slot machine smoking a cigarette. Not even looking at the slots, just pushing the spin button. Wow.

In sports news, NHL 16 is really worth a look. I’ve been working on customizing Pro Evolution Soccer on the PS4, which takes some time. I like the old PC days were you just download a zip file and extract it. Unfortunately that doesn’t work on the PS4 – and the PC version is not running the most modern engine, so I don’t enjoy it. FIFA isn’t bad though on the PC.

I continue to play my favorite game, Pinball Arcade. Steam always gets the releases first and with their DX11 version the game is by far the best on the PC. They just released Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and it is awesome.

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