Wonderful Monday

Hearing the Palace fans sing, “You must be sick of us” to the remaining Liverpool fans at the end of the match was an amazing part of my Sunday, but the best part was spending a good part of the afternoon with some Liverpool fans that I met yesterday when I went to the pub to watch the match in Atlanta.

The official Liverpool Atlanta group has hundreds of fans and the Crystal Palace fan group of Atlanta has approximately 3 (Myself and two others came out for the match yesterday.)   Even though I got flipped off a few times, each of the times it was followed with a smile and after the match we shared a few pints and talked about the future for both of our clubs and they let me know that I would be welcome to watch all of the other Palace matches at their pub (which is the official Liverpool bar of Atlanta.)

Coming into the match, I would have been happy with a draw going into the International Break, but those 3 points were terrific and showed (yet again) that Palace has the skill and talent to play with any of the clubs in the Premier League.

Again, I’m working to get back to posting more often and just need to make sure that I clear some time every day to get some words down.

Also, I will be efforting a new interview for the podcast (does anyone even remember our podcast?) in the next few days.  Hopefully I can make the scheduling work for that before the Thanksgiving break.

Enjoy the rest of your Monday!

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