I realize that this blog with all the issues and infrequent posts we’ve had probably has an audience of like 3, but I feel like writing and it’s not going on Facebook or Twitter.

This past Friday I couldn’t wait to listen to the new David Bowie album. I used Google Play to stream it and was thinking either this is one of those themed albums or Bowie was going to call it a day after this album…it just had a sense of finality to it.

Then when I woke up this morning, and saw that he had passed..well I was still flabbergasted. I could not believe it.

Back in the early 90s (aka my college years) I remember having that ChangesBowie cassette in my car on constantly. I know the track order, I could sing along. Yes I was a child of the 80s and knew the Under Pressure/Let’s Dance already but this tape gave me a stunning appreciation for the earlier music.

Then in the late 90s he did a song called I’m Afraid of Americans that I think Trent Reznor had something to do with. That was an awesome song.

Then about 10 years ago, I watched a show on BBC America called Life on Mars, with the Bowie song being the theme and thought damn that guy made some amazing music.

I’m not kidding anyone when I say the more recent material doesn’t resonate with me the same way the music did when I was in college but you could still see the development of an artist, which is pretty amazing for someone in his 60s – he never rested on the old material – and the new material was pretty darn good.

I’m in my mid 40s now, and here we are starting to see many of the artists that I remember pass on. I’m on the wrong side of the curve here, unfortunately. The good news is we still have the music and I can still play my Sega Genesis and listen to Bowie.

Anyway, I’m not in the corner bawling about this. But it is very, very sad, and most likely a harbinger of more of these type of news items to follow. As someone said on Twitter, thankfully many of us were here to experience this music real time as it happened.



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