Amazon Prime gets you 20% off games

Here at the blog we’ve been talking up the Gamers Club Unlocked program at Best Buy. It has changed by purchasing behavior because of the amazing deals when you stack them all: 20% off games, then $10 back in certificates if you preorder and then more than 6% back in certificates if you have a Best Buy credit card.

It appears that others have started to notice as well because starting today Amazon is giving Prime members who preorder games 20% off. Pair that with the Amazon Prime Store card which gives you a 5% statement credit and now we are talking.

Soon Gamestop will really start wondering why no one is buying new games there. They are still useful as you can trade in all those cheap games you bought and turn a profit – as long as you take it in store credit to buy other used games of course.

The Amazon deal only applies to physical preorders and the first two weeks of a game’s release, while the Best Buy deal applies to all physical software. Sorry no discounts on digital software anywhere-must be because of the extra distribution costs 🙂

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