MLB TV Launches

Not totally video game related but MLB.TV has relaunched. It’s funny they are promoting the “new lower price” and “now you can just follow one team for $88″….like they came up with it when there was a class action lawsuit against them.

Either way, it’s great for consumers. Apparently now you might even be able to get your home team feed when your team plays in the geographic market you’re in. So for example, I follow the Orioles but I’m in New England, which means I have to watch NESN’s feed of the game and ONLY on TV. It appears now I can watch the MASN version and on a mobile device. That is awesome.

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1 Response to MLB TV Launches

  1. Craig Tompkins says:

    But you can’t watch the away feed with a single team subscription. So for me wanting to watch the NESN feed for all games, I still have to have the Premium subscription. If I did the single team I’d always get the home stream. At least I get it for $20 less than last year.


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