Happy May!

Hi everyone.

Long time no posts – but there’s a reason for that – you see we have finally done our much maligned server upgrade. Hopefully the site won’t blow up as much as it has previously…fingers crossed?

So, anyone playing sports games? I continue to play Tap Sports Baseball on my iPhone. Is it me or are free-to-play games the nation’s next addiction epidemic?

I haven’t played MLB 16 as much as I’ve wanted because I’ve been watching MLB Extra Innings.

I finally bit the bullet on 4K and I’m awaiting DirecTV’s new 4K box install as I type this. It’s a lot of work and installation for one channel, but they do show MLB games in 4K, so there’s that. I am reminded of the olden days when HD was finally available by my cable company and there was like 2 channels. And I had an HDTV but it was a 4:3 screen rather than a 16:9. Good times!

I hear the NFL had a draft, but I’m boycotting that. 

The EPL is 2 weeks away from being done. That’s always sad, but who could not be happy for Leicester? I sure hope they win…and I think a loss today by the #2 team will seal the deal. Meanwhile in MLS…the Revolution had 2 more draws this past week. This is insane. 

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