E3 2016 Sports Games

A few interesting notes for sports games at this years E3.

  • There will be a sequel to The Golf Club coming out early next year that will be adding a more in depth character creator, a career mode, and better multiplayer.   The last game wasn’t bad and was pretty surprising for a first effort, so it’ll be interesting to see how improved the next game will be.
  • The early impressions on PES 2017 sound pretty positive, and that’s a good thing considering the fact that I thought PES was, by far, the best soccer game to be played last year.
  • FIFA 17 is adding a story mode called ‘The Journey‘ to the game where you start as a 17 year old that gets to pick your club as you start your career.  If they are able to make it a bit more legitimate and have the club loan you out to Championship and League 1 teams, that could be a pretty cool mode, but if they just let you pick to play for a big club and then get put into the lineup right away… meh.

There were more games out there, but those were the ones that caught my eye on the first full day of the show.

I’ll be back with more thoughts on other games at the show tomorrow.


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