Father’s Day

So, I was all ready to come back from a weekend trip up to North Carolina to talk about some of the best games that I saw at E3 or maybe talk a bit of sports, but instead I went for a run last night and some asshole shot me with a pellet gun.

The picture you see attached to the post shows where they got me on my right leg along with the pellet that was stuck in my leg after they shot me.Leg

Ever since I moved to Georgia, people have asked me how much I like it here and how my family has adjusted to moving from Wisconsin to much warmer climates, but the thing that continues to strike me is the large amount of assholes that I keep encountering while I’m just trying to exercise.

Just to be clear, when I was shot yesterday, I was running on a sidewalk and causing no issues to anyone that was driving.  I wasn’t stopping traffic.  I wasn’t causing people to have to swerve out of my way.  I wasn’t even running on the side of the road (which I have a complete and total right to,)  I was just out for a run on Father’s Day and was trying to enjoy a bit of time by myself.

Probably one of the biggest regrets of the event was that I wasn’t able to get a great description of the vehicle that the shooter was driving.  The whole thing happened so quickly and after I swore at them and looked down at my leg to see what had happened, they were already 100 feet or more past me on the road, driving away at 35 to 40 miles an hour.  All I got was that it was a red car with a low profile spoiler, and that it was someone white that shot me.

After I got home, I called the police to report the incident, not thinking that they would catch the person or that anything would happen, but just that I wanted to let them know that it had happened in the event that the person would go out and do something like this again.  The first person at the police department chastised me for waiting 35 minutes to call.  The main reason for the delay was because of the fact that I don’t carry my phone while I run because it’s a pain in the arse to do so.  I have a Polar watch that I use as a GPS and a heart rate tracker and that more than does the job of what a phone would normally accomplish on a run.  The second reason for the delay was the fact that I was pissed about the person that shot me, but I was going to be damned if they were going to wreck my run.

An officer did call me shortly after reporting it to try and get more information about the incident to try and scan the area to see if they could find a matching car, but I never heard anything back (not that I figured that I would.)  I was grateful that the officers even called to get more information and am thankful for their efforts for looking for the persons responsible.

Another thing that pissed me off about this whole thing was that after my wife posted it on Facebook that one of the first reactions that someone had was that I should get a concealed carry permit to carry a gun while I am out running.  WTF?!?  Someone shoots me with a pellet gun, so I should go get a damned Glock to do what?  Shoot wildly into traffic if/when it happens again?   It pisses me off even further to think that the first reaction someone has after something like this is that buying a gun would somehow fix everything?  What if I got shot with a concealed carry weapon?  Would I have to get an open carry next? Would I have to run with my finger constantly on the trigger, because I’m certain that wouldn’t cause issues with anyone.  ‘Hey, look!  There’s a guy running down the street with a handgun!’

For years, I ran in Wisconsin.  Out in the country and on city streets.  Outside of people honking at you, I never really encountered any problems.

In Georgia?  I have been spit at.  I’ve had cars swerve towards me when I’m already off of the road, and now I have been shot by a pellet gun.

I enjoy my job and have met some really nice people and want to enjoy living here, but every time someone asks me about how I like living in Georgia, the list of caveats and disclaimers gets longer and longer.

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