And now a trip through the justice system

So, to follow up on my adventures from Father’s Day…

On the day after being shot, I received a call from another officer who seemed a good deal more interested in the incident than the officer that I had spoken to on the previous evening.

He informed me that the first officer most certainly should have given me a case # for my report since being shot by the person, in the car, was a felony (which was news to me.)

As we discussed the event further, I was able to find out that the people responsible for shooting me had attempted to shoot another runner on that same evening.  Also, they had shot at a few businesses in the area and damaged some property as well.  Apparently, since school had let out there had been a string of shootings in the area just like mine, so they were definitely on the lookout for them.

Then, last night, I got a call from an officer to let me know that they had arrested two people (one 15, the other 17) for the shootings and wanted to know if I could go to the juvenile court building in my county to attend the first hearing for the younger of the two people (Still not sure what will be happening to the older person, as they are going to be charged as an adult.)

I guess that this is a story that will continue on from here.  I’ll let you know more about the next steps in the process as they happen.

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