So I have this new “old” game player called the Retreon5. It lets you play NES, SNES, Genesis, Game Boy, Game Boy Advance,  and their Japanese counterparts (Famicom, Mega Drive, etc).

I brought out my box of Genesis games and had a blast. One of my favorite fighting games of that era was Pit Fighter. I remember calling stores asking if they had it in stock and then finding it and making a very long drive to what was then a Software Etc store to buy it on a Saturday.

You see those were the days before there were hard release dates, the game would just show up at Store X , and maybe Store Y would get it a week later.

I remember having to go to Sears (!) for the Sears version of Pac-Man because they were the first to have it — and there’s was a $10 premium – can you imagine paying $39 for that piece of crap!

Good times….

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